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To qualify as Bourbon, a whiskey must be:

• Made from at least 51% corn
• Distilled to not more than 160 proof
• Barreled at not more than 125 proof
• Aged in new, charred oak barrels

That’s it. Notice there are no rules about Kentucky or any other special place. In fact, Bourbon can be made anywhere in the U.S., as long as it meets these requirements.

That said, we think Indiana can be a better place to make Bourbon. Here’s why:

• Corn: Indiana is famous for its corn fields. Indiana’s #1 industry is agriculture, and our #1 crop is corn. We know corn. And even with all that quality, we still test every corn delivery and reject as many as half. Only the best of the best qualify to become Harrison Bourbon.

• Oak: Indiana also grows a lot of trees, especially oak trees. In fact, a lot of oak used to make Bourbon barrels is actually grown in Indiana.

• Limestone: If limestone water matters, then all Bourbon should come from Indiana! Our land is rich with limestone -- it’s considered the highest quality in the world, and has even been used to build the Empire State Building, the Pentagon, Yankee Stadium and many other national landmarks. If limestone water makes for great Bourbon, we’ve got the very best.

• Taste It! Many experts have agreed with us that Harrison Indiana Straight Bourbon is better than most mainstream brands from that other place.

But don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself!