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Great Bourbon is always well-served neat (straight up, room temperature) or on the rocks (straight up over ice). Both of our Bourbons are excellent when served this way.

Straight Bourbon
Besides being great straight, our original 80 proof Bourbon makes an excellent mixed drink. Because of its medium body and pure, straightforward flavor profile, it pairs well with a wide variety of popular mixers and is the heart of great classic cocktails. See the recipes below for our suggestions as well as those of expert bartenders and favorites of Harrison fans.

Governor’s Reserve
Our favorite way to drink Governor’s Reserve is on the rocks. The boldness of barrel proof and the robust flavor from our “high-rye” recipe shine through, and as the ice melts, the bit of water it adds brings out the subtleties and layers of flavors.

However, it also can be a great foundation for a variety of cocktails, especially those with spices or sweet juices, and those that purposely let the Bourbon shine through. Below is a collection of drink recipes that include our favorites, and the creations of expert bartenders and Governor’s Reserve fans.

  • CLICK HERE for a complete list of great Harrison recipes we’ve collected and think you should try.

  • Have a great recipe for Harrison? Send it to us at info@TiptonSpirits.com. We’ll post our favorites here on the website with credits to the creator.